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Moving to a new city? Moving to a new country? Choosing your new home is a major decision. We believe that having a local real estate agent who understands your needs and helps you settle in makes this step safe and easy. Our listed real estate agents are ready to give you a hand. Use the filters to select your agent – they might even speak your language! Choose your match today and find your new home.

Local Experts, Global Presence
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We are a growing global community of multilingual professionals specialized in property rentals, property buying and selling, relocation services, international moving, mortgage, financial advisory services, and many more. We create transparency by focusing on the agents’ profile.

Savvy Client, Meet Expert Advice is an independent worldwide directory of real estate agents, as well as international movers and household managers. Much of our list of certified agents comes from our two decades of experience in the property industry. Our agents possess a diverse range of skills and specialties to suit your situation. Whether you need someone who specializes in short-term leases, or can tell you everything you need to know about your first mortgage, or simply speaks your language, we’ll have someone who knows the terrain in your town. Choosing a new home is a huge decision, and we believe that hiring a skilled real estate agent is crucial. We are here to facilitate the communication between your and your agent, because finding the right match is halfway towards a clear and honest relationship – and this is fundamental to your happiness in your new home. A great agent doesn’t just find you the perfect house. They can let you know how you can set your utilities and will walk you through your contract. They have the expertise of someone who’s had years of handling deals in your city, and they make that knowledge work for you. Choose a local expert. Choose your next agent.